I am an Assistant Professor of Nature-Society Interactions in the Department of Geography at Kansas State University. My work addresses the impacts of planning and policy on the sustainability of socio-environmental systems. This includes investigations into the effects of policies on hazard impacts, evaluations of the effectiveness of adaptation strategies, and development of decision support tools to help reduce vulnerability and increase resilience. I frequently employ geospatial programming and analysis methods on large spatiotemporal datasets that integrate social and physical data to address these questions. Underlying themes in my research are the influence of scale-of-analysis, place-based context, and spatial correlation on study findings.

My current research focuses on (1) how land-use influences agricultural production and urban flood mitigation, (2) how flood adaptation strategies alter urban system resilience and vulnerability trajectories, and (3) how scale-of-analysis alters our understanding of social vulnerability to hazards.

I welcome inquiries from students interested in joining the Department of Geography at Kansas State University as Masters or Ph.D. students. Students with interests in: geospatial programming and analysis, social vulnerability, community resilience and sustainability, agricultural sustainability, and flood adaptation can contact me at ksnelson@ksu.edu.


Exploring the sustainability of socioenvironmental systems using geospatial analysis and modeling.


Preparing students for roles as future scientists, engineers, and decision-makers through interdisciplinary problem-based learning.


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You can contact me via email at ksnelson@ksu.edu.